Specialist in Stainless-steel products
for the agricultural sector


A product from Growfeeder is a typical Dutch quality product. With the development we always consider the wish of our customers and relations. We subsequently design this by using the best materials.

Our philosophy: our stable equipment and related products must have at least the same lifespan as the stable where they are placed in

The best stainless-steel

By cooperating with various stainless-steel suppliers across the world, we can choose from the best supplies every day. This definitely results into the best quality products.

Quality materials (stainless-steel)

Using the best materials is not just an advantage for you. Solid stainless-steel plate work with a high quality requires less from the machines in our production location. By choosing quality A we not just do you (and the end user) a favour but also ourselves. 

Quality: service

We believe that quality lies in the way we deal with you as customer. Sharp delivery times, clear agreements, plain quotations; these are all obvious matters for us. During the first conversation you will already notice that we like to take that extra step for you.

Business video

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