Specialist in Stainless-steel products
for the agricultural sector

Customised work at Growfeeder

Customised work in stainless-steel parts for stable equipment is our speciality. We prefer to sit around the table with you to determine how we can realise your requirement for stainless-steel stable equipment in the smallest details.

Nothing is more beautiful and challenging than to develop, test and eventually produce together with you as customer. Because the desire to cooperate is entwined in the DAN of Growfeeder, we can translate any specific wish of the customer into customised stainless-steel stable equipment.

Attractive cost price

Customised work is however more than a combination of unique products. Customised work also means an excellent price quality ration, so your investment stays attractive in terms of cost price. Plus, we maintain large stocks, when customised work is not required. So, we are always able to deliver quickly.

Customised work: across the sector

Our customised solutions and products are not just limited to the pig farm. We offer customised work for all disciplines in the agricultural sector. Draining wells on a yard? Washing and rinsing sinks? Stainless-steel plate work? We take on any challenge in terms of customised stainless-steel solutions.

We like to work for entrepreneurs who are active in the:

  • Pig farm
  • Cow or goat farm
  • Horticulture
  • Building sector

Customised work: from 1 unit

Customised work does not have to be expensive. Neither is it connected to large quantities (production). You can come to us with any question, together we determine how (and under which conditions) we can convert your question into an efficient answer in terms of customised stable equipment.