Specialist in Stainless-steel products
for the agricultural sector
Pig equipment
Pig equipment is our speciality. We produce walls at any desired height. We use the best materials, so the pig equipment has at least the same lifespan as the stable itself. 

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Walls/ doors and finishing profiles
Walls, doors and finishing profiles for stable equipment enables the modern agricultural entrepreneur to partition the stable in an effective way. We offer a wide choice of various PVC walls, doors and stainless-steel finishing profiles. 

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Troughs must be effective and maintenance free. Our troughs are both. Thanks to our wide assortment and the strength in customised work you will definitely find the trough you are looking for. 

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Drinking tanks and water pipes
We produce drinking tanks and water pipes in-house for both the pig farm as for agricultural entrepreneurs with goats and cattle. These are always robust, maintenance free drinking tanks with smart systems to prevent spillage.

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Pig toys
Animal welfare has a positive effect on the business result of the agricultural entrepreneur. Therefore, distraction via the possibility to play, for example, is important. Our pig toys are the perfect cage enrichments.

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Parts stable equipment
We are a total supplier in terms of stable equipment. This means that you can come to us for all stainless-steel parts for stable equipment. We do not have what you want? We just produce it!

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