Pig equipment

Pig equipment

Pig equipment is our speciality. We produce walls at any desired height. We use the best materials, so the pig equipment has at least the same lifespan at the stable itself.

We distinguish pig equipment for three categories of pigs:

1. Finishing pigs
2. Piglets
3. Sows

For every target group we produce customised stainless-steel profiles. For example, we supply specific profiles for the fencing of farrowing pens.

Always customised pig equipment

Not all stables are the same. We are well aware of this. Therefore, your design is our guideline. We ensure that the end product seamlessly meets with your wishes and expectations. The result: you receive a customised package of stainless-steel profiles, PVC planks, galvanised tubes and the necessary fixing materials. Exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less.

Would you only like to buy our stainless-steel profiles? Or indeed only PVC wall material? Please let us know. This type of customised work also perfectly suits us.

Pig equipment: assembly

One agricultural entrepreneur wants to assemble his pig equipment himself; another prefers that this is all arranged. Our assembly instruction is easy and enables the farmer to roll up his sleeves himself, but the specialists from Growfeeder would gladly arrange the construction for you. 

Stainless-steel and PVC: quality

Growfeeder stands for quality. Therefore, we use the best materials. Our stable equipment, depending on the use, lasts 15 to 20 years.

Advantages of stainless-steel and PVC parts:
Long lifespan (durable)
Maintenance free
Recyclable (residual value)
Strong and robust

Pig equipment in stock

Who requires pig or stable equipment wants to move forward. We have large stocks so we can always respond quickly and meet your demand. Keeping the complete production chain in-house also contributes to a quick and correct supply of top quality stainless-steel stable equipment.

Quality: advice

We adopt a simple and easy working method: you can already come to us with a sketch or global impression. We assess your wishes and make a start. Hereby we are constructive-critical. Some things can be done better, cheaper or smarter? Then we will report this. Not to be stubborn but we like to take that extra step for your benefit. So, we continuously assure pig equipment with an excellent quality. 

Innovation in pig equipment

Law and legislation in terms of stable equipment is changeable. For a good agricultural business operation, an innovative partner/supplier is therefore very important. For this reason, we constantly adjust our insights and continuously improve our products.

Pig equipment fattener pigs dry feed
This project includes a complete supply of materials for a fattener pig stable with dry feed troughs. Based on a design drawing we have elaborated the cages, considering the specific wishes and requirements of the customer.

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Pig equipment fattener pigs liquid feed
This customised plastic cage equipment for meat pigs includes stainless-steel profiles with a height of 100 centimetres, PVC planks and a galvanised tube on top.

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Pig equipment for piglets
For a customer in Ireland we supplied this plastic cage equipment for piglets. The feed partitions prevent that the piglets stand in the trough. Due to the bars the trough is very accessible. 

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