Walls/ doors and finishing profiles

Walls, doors and finishing profiles

Walls, doors and finishing profiles for stable equipment enables the modern agricultural entrepreneur to partition the stable in an effective way. We offer a wide choice of various PVC walls, doors and stainless-steel finishing profiles.

Piglet housing, farrowing housing, housing for pregnant sows, the milking area in a cow stable: in every partition in the stable there are different needs. For example, ventilation, climate control, other floors and wells, etc. Walls, doors and stainless-steel finishing profiles enables you to equip the stable as you desire.

Walls and doors

We produce walls and doors (parts) for any stable dimension and for any type of stable. Our walls and doors are available in different variations and sizes. Thickness, height and even colour are determined based on your wishes. In most cases we also customise the stainless-steel finishing profiles. This way we determine the best solution together.

Advantages of PVC

Our walls and doors are made from PVC. PVC has the following advantages: 

  • Is relatively cheap
  • Lasts a long time (long lifespan and therefore durable)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Is recyclable
  • Is a strong and robust material

Walls: fire resistant

Safety in and around a (pigs) stable is crucial for the survival of the agricultural company. In our assortment we have walls that comply with the Fire Classification B (legal Building decision for PVS partitioning walls). The fire-retardant treatments increase the chance on a successful deployment of emergency services and therefore saving the animals. It is unique that we supply these wall panels in two thicknesses (35 and 50 mm) and in two colours (grey and white).

PVC door with stainless-steel frame
We supply this PVC door with stainless-steel frame completely assembled. The doors are available in four different widths: 60, 75, 85 and 100 centimetres. If desired we can also supply a view window.

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Central corridor wall
Complete from the workshop of Growfeeder: a central corridor wall, equipped with doors and finishing profiles. Ready for use!

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PVC partition wall
This partition wall is meant to separate the equipment for pregnant sows and the farrowing pens. The wall is made from PCV planks, that can be clicked together seamlessly.

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