Troughs for stable equipment

Troughs must be effective and maintenance free. Our troughs are both. Thanks to our wide assortment and strength in customised work you will definitely find the trough you are looking for.

We offer a complete range of stainless-steel troughs, both for fatteners, sows as piglets. eel troughs, both for meat pigs, sows as piglets.

Troughs for sows

For sows we have for example:

Individual troughs for the farrowing pen (suitable for dry and liquid feed)
Long continuous troughs (for sow boxes)
Long troughs with supports for sows (for group cages)

Troughs for fattener pigs and piglets

For meat pigs and piglets we are specialised in continuous troughs (double and single). We have various models available: from special feed-save troughs to low-budget troughs (troughs with a good quality and a very sharp price quality ratio).

Troughs: customised work

Our assortment is wide and our stock is large. This means that we can deliver fast in most cases. Do you have specific wishes? Please use our customised work. Thanks to our flexibility and efficient production possibilities we design your wish to the smallest detail.

Troughs: minimum spillage

Our troughs are equipped with smart measures to prevent spillage, for example (extra) bars or facilities that stimulate correct motor skills and optimum eating posture. So, you increase the comfort of the animal while eating and you prevent costs due to loss.

Liquid feed troughs fattener pigs
These are traditional continuous liquid feed troughs for fattener pigs. This trough is assembled in a PVC partition wall but application in combination with a concrete partition wall is also possible.

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Liquid feed troughs with step
This stainless-steel meat pig trough is designed in such a way that there is minimum spillage. The partitions ensure that the pigs feed quietly. They do not suppress each other and they do not lie in the trough.

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Liquid feed troughs piglets
For this customer we developed detached liquid feed troughs for piglets. The troughs are equipped with partitions (welded). This ensures that the piglets do not suppress each other while feeding, so the feeding moment goes quietly. 

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