Drinking tanks and water pipes

Drinking tanks and water pipes

We produce drinking tanks and water pipes in-house for both the pig farm as for agricultural entrepreneurs with goats and cattle. These are always robust, maintenance free drinking tanks with smart systems to prevent spillage.

Water is an important element of a healthy livestock farm. But: water also costs money. It must enter the stomach of the animal and not the stable well. The development of facilities to minimise spillage is a constant challenge for us.

Drinking tanks: minimum spillage

Our drinking tanks are equipped with smart measures to prevent spillage, for example (extra) bars and facilities that stimulate correct motor skills and an optimum drinking posture. So, you increase the comfort of the animal while drinking and you prevent costs due to loss.

Water pipes with drinking nipples

Our water pipes are made from stainless-steel tubes equipped with drinking nipples. We supply the nipples in all types and sizes, depending on the application. Together we determine what the best solution is for you. Often we can immediately delivery from our large stock. In addition, it is also possible to choose customised work. Be assured: even then we can respond quickly.

Sow trough
We have developed this very robust drinking tank especially for Ilmar. The tank is very strong. The subject does not contain any sharp edges on which the sows could hurt themselves.

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Goat drinking tank
This stainless-steel drinking tank is specially designed for goats. The tank is equipped with fitting brackets for assembly on a concrete wall. In the tank there is a stainless-steel cover plate for the float.

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Drinking nipples piglets
A stainless-steel ½” piglet nipple support is assembled in these plastic piglet cages. Both sides are equipped with a double exit.

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