Pig toys

Pig toys

Animal welfare has a positive effect on the business result of the agricultural entrepreneur. Therefore, distraction via the possibility to play, for example, is important. Our playing materials are the perfect cage enrichments.

We offer playing materials for pigs, sows and piglets. For example:

  • A stainless-steel tube with chain, with a ball on the end. The pigs can play, bite and move as much as they want.
  • A stainless-steel casing that serves as a straw tube. The pigs must get physical to be able to bite and eat the pressed straw.
  • Stainless-steel tubes containing wood, for the pigs to bite.

Pig toys: customised work

The above mentioned playing materials are only a few examples. Our possibilities for producing playing materials are almost endless. Do you have special wishes in terms of playing materials for pigs, please let us know. Together we review how we can fulfil your need in the best possible way.

Tyleen ring
This interactive toy has a support on a plastic partition wall, that is attached by a rotating tube. A chain with tyleen ring is attached to this tube that the pigs can use to play with. 

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Straw tube
This toy has a thick-walled PVC tube, that is assembled against the cages for meat pigs. We supply the straw tubes complete, in loose parts. This type of toy is also available in a stainless-steel version.

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Biting ball
A nice combination of functionality and relaxation: these customised piglet cages, equipped with toys. At a height of 75 centimetres a PVC plank was attached with two galvanised tubes on top.

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