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Projects at Growfeeder

At Growfeeder we like to innovate. And in a country that is leading in terms of stable equipment, innovation is even very nice. We are proud to contribute to the development of the future stable.

You do not innovate on your own. At least that is our philosophy. Therefore, we maintain close contacts with parties in the agricultural sector. We are also the proud partner of Varkens Innovatie Centrum Sterksel. Together we ensure that we retain our leading position in the world and that we extend this further.

Our projects

In the past we have enjoyed working on projects that still make a difference, even today. We like to give some examples:

  • All projects
  • Pig equipment
  • Walls/ doors and finishing profiles
  • Troughs
  • Drinking tanks and water pipes
  • Pig toys
  • Parts stable equipment
Tyleen ring
This interactive toy has a support on a plastic partition wall, that is attached by a rotating tube. A chain with tyleen ring is attached to this tube that the pigs can use to play..
Liquid feed troughs piglets
For this customer we developed detached liquid feed troughs for piglets. The troughs are equipped with partitions (welded). This ensures that the piglets do not suppress each other..
Liquid feed troughs with step
This stainless-steel meat pig trough is designed in such a way that there is minimum spillage. The partitions ensure that the pigs feed quietly. They do not suppress each other and..
Biting ball
A nice combination of functionality and relaxation: these customised piglet cages, equipped with toys. At a height of 75 centimetres a PVC plank was attached with two galvanised ..
Straw tube
This toy has a thick-walled PVC tube, that is assembled against the cages for meat pigs. We supply the straw tubes complete, in loose parts. This type of toy is also available in a..
Liquid feed troughs fattener pigs
These are traditional continuous liquid feed troughs for fattener pigs. This trough is assembled in a PVC partition wall but application in combination with a concrete partition ..
PVC partition wall
This partition wall is meant to separate the equipment for pregnant sows and the farrowing pens. The wall is made from PCV planks, that can be clicked together seamlessly.
Central corridor wall
Complete from the workshop of Growfeeder: a central corridor wall, equipped with doors and finishing profiles. Ready for use!
PVC door with stainless-steel frame
We supply this PVC door with stainless-steel frame completely assembled. The doors are available in four different widths: 60, 75, 85 and 100 centimetres. If desired we can also ..
Pig equipment for piglets
For a customer in Ireland we supplied this plastic cage equipment for piglets. The feed partitions prevent that the piglets stand in the trough. Due to the bars the trough is very ..
Pig equipment fattener pigs liquid feed
This customised plastic cage equipment for meat pigs includes stainless-steel profiles with a height of 100 centimetres, PVC planks and a galvanised tube on top.
Pig equipment fattener pigs dry feed
This project includes a complete supply of materials for a fattener pig stable with dry feed troughs. Based on a design drawing we have elaborated the cages, considering the ..
Piglet drinking tank
For a project in Germany we produced drinking tanks for piglets. The advantage of these tanks is that the piglets can drink well and spill little water.
Drinking nipples piglets
A stainless-steel ½” piglet nipple support is assembled in these plastic piglet cages. Both sides are equipped with a double exit.
Goat drinking tank
This stainless-steel drinking tank is specially designed for goats. The tank is equipped with fitting brackets for assembly on a concrete wall. In the tank there is a ..
Sow trough
We have developed this very robust drinking tank especially for Ilmar. The tank is very strong. The subject does not contain any sharp edges on which the sows could hurt ..
Stainless-steel casting
We develop various stainless-steel parts, well suited to apply as casting. We make our own products, but we can also realise your wish in terms of stainless-steel casting.
Stainless-steel saddle brackets
In-house we produce stainless-steel saddle brackets in various dimensions. As standard, we have different dimensions in stock.
Stainless-steel supports
We produce stainless-steel support in various types and sizes. Our own products, but also unique products, aligned to your wishes and requirements.